31st Annual International Composition Festival

KANATA - March 21, 2018

From March 5-9th, 2018, compositions were submitted by over 6,000 Music for Young Children students competing in the 31st Annual International Composition Festival. MYC students from Canada, the U.S., Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and Vietnam took part. Compositions are judged within their level in four different regions – Western Canada (BC, AB, SK, YK, NT, MB), Eastern Canada (ON, PQ, NS, NB, PEI, NF), United States & Asia (South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam). The eight first place (eight different age levels) International winners each receive $250.

“Composing is a stimulating time for students, parents and teachers," says Frances Balodis, MYC Composition Chairperson and founder of Music for Young Children. "Many, many students who take music lessons the traditional way never have the opportunity or the understanding to write any music. They think it is for “dead people” or “famous people”. But now, they can be the famous person."

First time reviewer and MYC teacher Dan Tremblay noted, "Whether or not students make it to that illustrious group of finalists, the true prize comes in the form of pride, and being an elemental part of the creativity of these young minds. As someone who enjoys writing music myself, there is nothing more daunting than staring at a blank page or a computer screen. But that feeling of creating something that wasn’t there before, is truly an amazing experience." MYC is proud to give children that fulfilling experience.

Every student who submits a composition receives a special Composition Festival sticker to recognize their achievement. Prior to the Composition Festival beginning, we received artwork from over 1,000 students. This year we opened the voting up to the public. After all the votes were tallied, Anna-Marie Buchinski's artwork won. Anna-Marie is a Moonbeams 2 student of Rachelle Wood of Wainright, Alberta Canada.

Our long time sponsor, Roland Canada, provided five Roland Go:Pianos. The reviewers enjoyed using these fine instruments and we at MYC are proud to be affiliated with Roland as they continue to demonstrate their dedication to music education.

In business for 38 years, Music for Young Children is taught to 24,000 students annually across Canada, the United States, New Zealand, South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia. For more information phone 800-561-1MYC (1692) or visit www.myc.com.

We greatly appreciate and recognize our generous sponsors Roland Canada and Trico, The Evolution Group.

Here are the Winners of the 2018 Composition Festival

Sunshine 1

  1. Africa by Soren Tan ♪ Listen ♪
  2. Domey by Adrianna Coles ♪ Listen ♪
  3. Shimmer and Shine by Penny Herzog ♪ Listen ♪
  4. Banging the Drum by Elizabeth Raph ♪ Listen ♪

Sunshine 2

  1. Going to School by Kaelyn Fu ♪ Listen ♪
  2. Christmas Presents by Liam Schwenk ♪ Listen ♪
  3. Swimming in 'C' by Elise Dechant ♪ Listen ♪
  4. The Lazy River by Gavin Bothwell ♪ Listen ♪

Sunbeams 1

  1. Don't Cry Baby by Zheling Adelaide Oscar ♪ Listen ♪
  2. Hunter by Hayden Rollo ♪ Listen ♪
  3. Sparkling Sea by Nyomi Compton ♪ Listen ♪
  4. Stary Night by Ewan Sime ♪ Listen ♪

Sunbeams 2

  1. Magic Roses by Catrina Robinson ♪ Listen ♪
  2. My Younger Brother by Seohyeon Kim ♪ Listen ♪
  3. Over the Sea by Hazel McLaren ♪ Listen ♪
  4. Sun and Moon by Mikayla Ayoub ♪ Listen ♪

Sunbeams 3

  1. Sunset by Noah Baey ♪ Listen ♪
  2. Addyson's Waltz by Addyson Giles ♪ Listen ♪
  3. Sailing the Seven Seas by Braelyn Campbell ♪ Listen ♪
  4. Grasshoppers by Kiya Zolfaghari ♪ Listen ♪

Moonbeams 1

  1. Welcome Spring! by Kaylee Gross ♪ Listen ♪
  2. Dance at the Royal Ball by Emeline Lo ♪ Listen ♪
  3. Birds Playing Together in the Morning by Julius Lim Wey Le ♪ Listen ♪
  4. Fly High by Adam Swanson ♪ Listen ♪

Moonbeams 2

  1. The Dancing Girl Taps by Ella Sharratt ♪ Listen ♪
  2. Girls by Paola Humbert ♪ Listen ♪
  3. Falling Snow by Aaron Walton ♪ Listen ♪
  4. Trampolines by Apsara Karim ♪ Listen ♪

Moonbeams 3

  1. Let's Go Hiking by Caleb Lucas Ang ♪ Listen ♪
  2. Secret Garden by Sophia Cyparski ♪ Listen ♪
  3. A Pirate Hunt by Alayna Jackson ♪ Listen ♪
  4. Musical Waves by Sophia Vela ♪ Listen ♪

Congratulations to Students, Parents and Teachers on your fine work!

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