Cornerstone Award

Music for Young Children® recognizes individuals who have played a special part in MYC’s history and designate this honour as a Cornerstone. The Cornerstone is awarded to someone who qualifies in at least one of the following four categories:

  • Has made a significant contribution to MYC® through years of service;
  • Pioneered MYC in a new area or region;
  • Exemplified what an MYC teacher is through dedication to teaching and in the community; or,
  • Made an extraordinary contribution to MYC.

Cornerstone Recipients

2012Liselotte Jongedijk
Director of Education
Musica Music School
2010Gunars Balodis
Director and Founding Partner
2010Frances Balodis
Founder and Chairman of the Board
2010Sannly Cheng
Marketing Director of MYC Singapore
2010Janice Reade
Public Relations MYC-Kanata
2010Hyewon Yoon
Director MYC South Korea
2008Agnes Lenton
First Coordinator for Quebec
2008Aimee Rau
Composed MYC’s theme song, the Sunrise theme song, and other songs for the Sunrise program
2008Alice Dearden
Composer of Critter Songs