How To Get Started

MYC® provides its Teachers with quality professional development, not only from the initial training seminars for each level of the program, but also extends afterwards through the International Director, biannual teacher meetings, personal teacher visits, personal micro-sites on the main website, personal ads/marketing tools, recognition of teaching years and, in International conference years, recognition of number of students taught – just to name a few.   In MYC it has always been important to show appreciation, gratitude and respect to our teachers.

In MYC our teachers work together as a team, and you are not in competition with one another.  Our continued success of our teachers is from the strong bonds and relationships they build with one another, knowing that they are all working towards the same goal.

Are you qualified to become an MYC Teacher?

To qualify to become an MYC teacher for both the pre-keyboard, music and movement program, Sunrise and Music Time for Sunrise, and our piano program, with all Levels of Sunshine, Sunbeams and Moonbeams, teachers must have:

  • Level 8 Piano (Accredited Conservatories (i.e. RCM, CC, ABRSM, Trinity, Russian Conservatory)
  • Theory 2
  • Experience teaching young children ages 3-8
  • Experience teaching in a group situation (not necessarily music based)

To qualify for only the pre-keyboard, music and movement program, Sunrise and Music Time for Sunrise, teachers must have:

  • A quality singing voice
  • Experience teaching young children ages 2-4
  • Experience Teaching in a group situation (not necessarily music based)

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Moonbeams 3 Sampler 2021

Get Started

All MYC teachers are independent business owners. Once you have submitted your application and met with the International Director, you will attend the Level 1 training seminar, where you not only learn about the MYC pedagogic method of teaching, but how to teach MYC. MYC requires that all teachers sign a contract, which licenses the teacher to offer MYC quality group lessons in their home or commercial studio.

Our training platform is done either in person, or via internet (live), in an active, participative, seminar format that will provide a new teacher with hands-on techniques and ideas for successfully planning and delivering MYC lessons. Materials included in each Level seminar includes both student and teacher manuals. For each MYC lesson and each MYC Level, concepts and terms are mapped out and follow specific progression. During each training seminar the focus is not only the learning of the MYC Method, but the ability to apply it during teaching.

Once you have completed your Level 1 training successfully, then you are fully able to start promotion, marketing and registering students to attend MYC classes in your studio.

Each new MYC teacher is personally visited (or audited via internet, live or recorded) each year, within their first three years of teaching MYC. This is not only to ensure that the quality and standard of the MYC Method is being delivered, but to also cultivate the nature of sharing teaching ideas and maintain a high-level of support for the teacher. After the initial three years, although the visits do not continue on an annual basis, teacher support, communication, sharing and professional development continues with our biannual MYC Teacher meetings, advertising/marketing events, communication with the International Director and Head Office.

Teacher Seminars

Setting up a Studio

A teacher needs to have a warm child-friendly and safe environment with sufficient space to accommodate movement, a circle area, pianos and keyboards (6 total). Because parents accompany students to class, suitable parking is also a must. Your studio could be at home or in a church, private school, community center or commercial space.
MYC has a wonderful partnership with Roland Pianos. At this time, Canadian MYC teachers, and their students, can purchase quality digital-pianos at either a highly-discounted price, or set up financing through Roland’s rental program.

Outside of Canada, MYC’s first recommendation for digital pianos continues to be Roland; however, any quality, digital-piano with key-weight and touch-sensitivity is fine.
Teacher materials (games, floor staffs, puppets, etc.) can either be purchased or made for very little cost. MYC provides their teachers with sources for buying materials and support equipment. Click here to go to our Learning Resources (MYC shop).

MYCC® Certification

Certified MYC teachers are entitled to add the letters MYCC® after their name, indicating that they are MYC Certified.  To be certified, the teacher must have completed all formal MYC training, taught all levels of the program, be an active participant in MYC teacher professional development and has received satisfactory Teacher Visit Support Forms for the most recent three consecutive years.