Why Teach MYC®

Because it is fun!

MYC has taken a child based approach to learning music through a clever merging of study and play. Our classes are small, our programs age-appropriate, and creativity and expression are nourished in every component of the program.

MYC builds family bonds!

Parents are important and welcome participants, accompanying their children as part of the program. The parent and child bond as a music team during lessons as they co-learn the concepts and material. The bond carries on at home during daily practice and other family activities.

We teach our teachers!

MYC teachers are energetic, enthusiastic, and passionate about music! They also receive special program training, and are assessed to ensure consistently high music education standards.

Originally designed for parents who want to introduce piano to their young children, MYC provides a comprehensive music program that integrates keyboard, singing, ear training, sight reading, creative movement, rhythm, music theory and music composition. Children between the ages of 3 & 11 and their parents benefit by acquiring solid music education in a fun group-based environment that enhances parent/child involvement.

With the MYC Method students not only learn how to read music and play the piano starting as young as the age of 3, but they learn how to be musicians.  Their foundation is wide and firm and students learn to apply these foundational concepts to all their music studies.  And, unlike independent teachers or other international programs, the MYC program combines early childhood education principles with music theory within a structured, but fun curriculum that is recognized both Internationally and by a Past Chief Examiner Emeritus of the Royal Conservatory of Music as a superior introduction to music.

This naturally leads to our MYC students successfully performing their first piano exams, often receiving Honours with Distinction, but especially First-Class Honours with Distinction. Our MYC students have a higher level of success in continuing in private music lessons, and examinations, for longer.

As a teacher, this means that by offering the MYC Method in your studio, you will:

  1. Increase your per hour income (6 children/MYC level/hour vs. 1-2 private students/hour)
  2. Increase the longevity of the length of time/student
  3. Increase the level of success and musicianship/student
  4. Increase your reach to different demographic within your community/city
  5. Be recognized for offering an International, quality method

More than 30 years education and curriculum development experience and a detailed and personal teacher accreditation process protects the program’s reputation for superior parent satisfaction.

MYC believes in not only providing a quality music education for its students, but also believes in continued support for its teachers, well-beyond the initial training.

Read more about our Teacher Seminars.

MYC Support

MYC provides support through online professional-development webinars – for either the MYC curriculum or running a successful studio - and a newsletter from MYC Head Office to share teacher ideas, program successes news and important information.

New teachers are visited by a coordinator at least once a year at which time the teacher's class or classes are observed and constructive suggestions and support are offered.

Another form of support is the networking that occurs between teachers in the same area who get together regularly at meetings, often held with the coordinator.

We also have a fantastic team at MYC-Head Office that works hard to support our teachers with live customer-service to help teachers with everything from ordering, product knowledge and teacher websites, to marketing and advertising.