30th International Composition Festival

Music for Young Children’s 30th International Composition Festival had 6,217 MYC students taking part in Canada, the U.S., Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and Vietnam.  Compositions are judged within their level in four different regions – Western Canada (BC, AB, SK, MB), Eastern Canada (ON, PQ, NS, NB, PEI, NF), United States, Asia & New Zealand (South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam).  The eight first place (eight different age levels) International winners each receive $250.

According to Frances Balodis, MYC Composition Chairperson and founder of Music for Young Children, “Compositions don’t have to be long! Four measures can make a great composition. It’s the motive and how it is creatively handled that makes it. Some interest in the left hand, some variety in the rhythms, some notation about the dynamics and some guidance about the tempo – these are all important.”

Roxanne McGahey, Coordinator for central and eastern United States and guest judge “What was amazing was the caliber of all of the compositions – especially when you keep in mind that many of these children just began lessons in September”.

Approximately 1,000 students sent in their artwork for the Composition Festival sticker and student Sachin Arun Murthy’s artwork was chosen.  Sachin is in Sunbeams 2 and a student of Angela Ang in Singapore.  Kanata artist Dorothy Hayter enjoys the job of choosing the art for the composition sticker every year.

Roland Canada sponsors the Music for Young Children Composition Festival and provided five Roland pianos. Roland truly demonstrates a dedication to music education through their fine instruments and through their support of this composition festival.

In business for 37 years, Music for Young Children is taught to 24,000 students annually across Canada, the United States, New Zealand, South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia. For more information phone 800-561-1692 or visit www.myc.com.

We greatly appreciate and recognize our sponsors Roland Canada and Trico evolution.

Janice Reade, Public Relations in Ottawa 613-592-7565.

International Winners 2017

Sunshine 1

1. Olivia Hilscher Rosie Bowsie ss1-rosie-bowsie  rose-bowsie

2. Liam Schwenk Flying in My Dreams ss1-flying-in-my-dreams  flying-in-my-dreams

3. Dulaine Jayartne Double Decker Bus ss1-double-decker-bus  double-decker-bus

4. Emma Lee My Little Rabbit ss1-my-little-rabbit  my-little-rabbit

Sunshine 2

1. Caleb Ong Lazy Sunday ss2-lazy-sunday  lazy-sunday

2. Liam Hamilton All About Ducks ss2-all-about-ducks  all-about-ducks

3. Jayden Nazarali Fast Cars ss2-fast-cars  fast-cars

4. Cassandra Valdez Butterfly Oh Butterfly ss2-butterfly-oh-butterfly  butterfly

Sunbeams 1

1. Selah Rowan Inked Spring Grass Passion sb1-inked-spring-grass-passion  inked-spring-grass-passion

2. Saniyah Bhaloo Sneaky Cat sb1-sneaky-cat  sneaky-cat

3. Tan Yi Rou My Happy Day sb1-my-happy-day  my-happy-day

4. Bobbie Lathrop My Stuffed Unicorn sb1-my-stuffed-unicorn  my-stuffed-unicorn

Sunbeams 2

1. Weston Kruk Return to Dreamland sb2-return-to-dreamland  return-to-dreamland

2. Aevan Aadya Aron Tweet Goodnight sb2-tweet-goodnight  tweet-goodnight

3. Timothy James Lee Shark sb2-shark  shark

4. Brady Kao Summer Song sb2-summer-song  summmer-song

Sunbeams 3

1. Tobias Loewen Taming a Cobra sb3-taming-a-cobra  taming-a-cobra

2. Erica Peters Going to Hawaii sb3-going-to-hawaii  going-to-hawaii

3. Huh Inseong Vaulting (Artistic gymnastic) sb3-vaulting  vaulting

4. Zaiden Bergen  Day at the Beach sb3-day-at-the-beach  day-at-the-beach

Moonbeams 1

1. Andrei Duboy Red Pandas Playing mb1-red-pandas-playing  red-pandas-playing

2. Shahae Wiebe My Bunny mb1-my-bunny  my-bunny

3. Lyndsay Mehlin Spring Camping mb1-spring-camping  spring-camping

4. Suh Jinho A Caterpillar that wants to be a Butterfly mb1-a-caterpillar-that-wants-to-be-a-butterfly  a-caterpillar-that-wants-to-be-a-butterfly

Moonbeams 2

1. Liam Marshall Star Destroyers mb2-star-destroyers  star-destroyers

2. Hannah Bergman Playful Puppy mb2-playful-puppy  playful-puppy

3. Donovan Ng Kuok Phing I am Lonely mb2-i-am-lonely  i-am-lonely

4. Lyric Babcock Pokemon Powers mb2-pokemon-powers  pokemon-powers

Moonbeams 3

1. Charmaine Ong Dance of the Pygamy Hippo mb3-dance-of-the-pygamy-hippo  dace-of-the-pygamy-hippo

2. Cordelia Whitlow Warriors Waltz mb3-warriors-waltz  warriors-waltz

3. Charlotte Riddle Jonah is Dancing mb3-jonah-is-dancing  jonah-is-dancing

4. Grace Olineck Grace's Song mb3-graces-song  graces-song



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