Grand Prize Awarded to Laurissa Sieklicki for Teacher Referral

Referring Teacher, Laurissa Sieklicki

New Teacher, Hannah Marple

Congratulations to Laurissa Sieklicki in Brandon, Manitoba for winning MYC’s 2018 annual Teacher Referral Draw for $1000!

Laurissa referred Hannah Marple in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, who is now teaching 21 beginner MYC students.

A total of 29 potential teachers were referred to us and 13 are now teaching MYC’s curriculum.  More than 24,000 students per year benefit from Music for Young Children with approximately 1,000 teachers on three continents ensuring MYC remains the High Note in Music Learning™ world wide.

Do you know a great music educator who meets MYC teaching requirements and is energetic, enthusiastic and passionate about music? Maybe it's a friend, colleague, or the local piano teacher. Refer them today by visiting our Teacher Referral page.*

MYC teaches children to not only learn how to read music and play the piano starting as young as the age of 3, but how to be musicians. Through world-class educators and time-tested curriculum that integrates keyboard, singing, ear training, sight reading, creative movement, rhythm, music theory and music composition, children develop an early foundation that allows MYC students to successfully perform their first piano exams as well as achieve First-Class Honours with Distinction.

*To qualify as a MYC Teacher referral, applicants must pass specific requirements like having previous teaching experience of young children, a Level 8 Piano (and required co-requisite theory courses) accredited by Conservatories, attending and successfully completing Level 1 training, and have started to teach active MYC core classes. New teachers who meet these qualifications receive continuous training, support through our network of regional coordinators, and assessment to ensure consistently high music education standards.

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