Critters Meet the Staff – Music Download


Critters Meet the Staff – Vocal Download

*This download is only available to individuals who have a Critters Meet the Staff Book. Check the back of your book and enter the download code (in the coupon code section) at checkout to receive this download for free!

Join all of your Critter Friends on their way to a party at the Grand Staff! This digital download includes all songs from the Critters Meet the Staff book:

  1. The MYC Theme Song
  2. Creepy on the Little Line
  3. Dino at the Door
  4. Edyth in the Treble Clef
  5. Muddy Boots Fred
  6. Poor, Tired Grumpy
  7. Amy in the Treble Clef
  8. Becky in the Treble Clef
  9. One, Two, Three!
  10. Becky on the Roof
  11. Grumpy in the Attic
  12. Fireman Fred Bumped His Head
  13. Edyth in the Bass Clef
  14. Dino in the Middle
  15. Third Button Creepy C
  16. Becky on Line Two
  17. Bass Clef Amy

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