I am an existing teacher, how do I log in?

An email has been sent to all teachers with log in information and instructions.  If for any reason you have not received this email, please do not hesitate to call us at 1-800-561-1692 / 613-592-7565 or by email at info@myc.com.

Will my web page from the old website be on the new website?

All the information that is on your current web page profile will be brought over to the new website.

Is the new site compatible with all internet browsers?


Am I able to put my private classes into my calendar?

A:  At this time, while we transition, the Calendar will only allow for MYC Classes to be added or modified.

When will parents be able to register to the site?

A:  July 25, 2016.  Until then, the parents will receive a redirect to provide contact information for the teacher.