MYC® Regional Coordinators

Part of what makes MYC different is our continued, on-going support provided by our Regional Coordinators.  Each Coordinator is an experienced MYC teacher and has a drive and passion to help each MYC teacher succeed. Regional Coordinators provide support and on-going professional development through by-annual teacher meetings, personal teacher visits and monthly communications.

  • Wendy Guimont

    British Columbia and Western United States

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    Wendy Guimont, BMus, ARCT, AVCM, RMT, MYCC is thrilled to be part of the support team for the highest quality music program available for children. As a coordinator since 1989, she still enjoys the variety of working with very young children and new music families, as well as working with older private piano students and especially with other experienced teachers helping them to integrate the MYC program into their own studios. Wendy created the Technique Toolbox for MYC and has been involved in several curriculum revisions. She performs as an accompanist occasionally and maintains a busy studio in Cranbrook, BC.


  • Marilyn Unrau

    Prairie Region, NWT and NW Ontario

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    Marilyn is proud she has been part of Music for Young Children since 1986 when her children first entered the program. In 1992 when her youngest graduated from MYC, she attended the MYC teacher training seminar and thus began her Music for Young Children career! Since that time, it has been her pleasure to work as an MYC Teacher, Assistant Coordinator and Certified Teacher Trainer. In September 2007 she became the Coordinator for Manitoba and NW Ontario and in 2015 became the Prairie Region including Alberta, Saskatchewan and NWT regional Coordinator as well. Music for Young Children has given Marilyn many memorable experiences with her own children, students, parents and colleagues. It is a rewarding musical journey!


  • Sandra Poolton

    Central & Southern Ontario

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    Since 1986 Sandra has had the privilege of introducing more than 1,000 MYC students and their families to the “happy habit of learning music”.  In addtional to teaching from her own studio, in 2008, Sandra celebrated 20 years as South Ontario Coordinator.  In the same year she was presented with the Cornerstone award from MYC.  Teacher recruitment, training and ongoing teacher support provide a wonderful balance between teaching young chidlren and “growing together” with MYC colleagues!



  • Cathy Morabito

    Central & Eastern Ontario, Quebec

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    Cathy is a mother of three children and is passionate about educating children in every way possible.  After teaching many years privately, she decided to add group lessons to her studio and discovered MYC in 1996.  After doing much research she discovered that Music for Young Children is the best group program out in the market.  Having done her studies with the Royal Conservatory, Cathy continues to study to keep her piano skills and technique up-to-date.  She is a member of the Quebec Music Teachers’ Association, and is affiliated with RCM and Conservatory Canada.  She is pleased to have been give the opportunity to be a Regional Coordinator.



  • Doris Sabean

    Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island

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    In 1989 Doris Sabean was looking for something that would allow her to leave her Remedial Education job in the school system, to stay at home with her children. MYC was the perfect solution! Along with Coordinator duties, Doris maintains a studio of approximately 40 students, is a piano accompanist for several local schools, festivals and conservatory exams and is a supply organist and choir director for churches in her area. She is currently President of the Moncton Music Teachers Association and Secretary of the NB Registered Music Teachers Assocation.


  • Heather Meaney

    Newfoundland and Labrador

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    Heather has been an MYC teacher since 1984 and Coordinator of Newfoundland and Labrador since 1994. During this time she has taught nearly 1,800 students. Heather maintains a studio of approximately 60 MYC students and does private teaching as well. She enjoys singing in the St. John’s Community Choir. In 1984 Heather chose MYC for her three sons as an exciting alternative to private lessons for beginner levels. Heather has greatly enjoyed her career with MYC and looks forward to teaching the program in the years ahead.


  • Roxanne McGahey

    Eastern United States

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    Roxanne McGahey, AMus, BMus, RMT, is a coordinator for the Eastern Seaboard and South Central States. With 20 years experience teaching Music for Young Children, Roxanne has seen how MYC has touched many lives. In addition to maintaining a successful studio consisting of Music for Young Children students and private piano students, Roxanne is also an examiner for Conservatory Canada. Her 10 years of coordinating experience combined with her teaching background gives her insights to help new and experienced teachers build their studios so all MYC teachers can be as successful as they want to be.


  • Nancy Rogerson

    Sunrise Coordinator

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    When Frances Balodis showed Nancy the first MYC books and puppets in 1980, Nancy realized this was something very special and lots of fun and she became the first MYC teacher on Prince Edward Island. She is presently Coordinator of the MYC Sunrise programs where she has the opportunity to support Sunrise teachers, as well as work on the development and revision of Sunrise teacher and student materials. Nancy feels that every child is special and finds a wonderful satisfaction in sharing in the musical life of young children and their parents.