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HELLO ! I am a Registered Music Teacher (affiliated with KW ORMTA ) and MYC certified teacher offering Piano/Keyboard based music lessons in Kitchener in the Waterloo Region.


Fiona Mendes, B.S.C, LTCL, MYCC, RMT

My MYC classes are built around a clever merging of study and play that help develop creativity, expressiveness, memory, and cognitive development. Here is what students enjoy in my studio :

Creative Fun Learning :I use special theme days, workshops, games, technology, visual aids to aid in the learning process and make it fun! Some popular studio events are :Theme days (Beach day, Hawaiian Day, Sports day etc) fun practice incentives, Piano parties, theory classes, group learning, pool party and studio recitals.

Exams : Students have the option to take RCM exams in my studio. My MYC and private students do very well in RCM exams. This year all of my MB3 students secured over 85% in their Grade One RCM exam the highest mark 91%. Four of my students received 90 % and above. The highest mark in Basic Rudiments was 95% with 4 students receiving over 90%. Last year, the highest mark in Piano last year was 95% for Gr 4 Piano RCM !

Masterclasses/Workshops/Recitals : Since I am a member of ORMTA, my students also have the opportunity to participate in various ORMTA recitals, masterclasses and workshops. Thus building their confidence in performing as well as performance skills.

Kiwanis Music Festival :Many students compete and do well in the Kiwanis music festival each year. This year ( 2015 ) was a successful one with over 30 students competing and winning several of them securing 90% and over. Four of my students won a scholarship at the Kiwanis festival this year. Here they are celebrating their success at our annual recital !

Come and join my studio nearly 500 kids have learned to play piano in a fun, creative and enjoyable way. For a glimpse into my studio, please visit my facebook page. For information on how to register or to book a studio visit, please email me at or call me at 519-893-1180.

For a more comprehensive look into my studio, please visit my personal website at


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 Fall registration for the following MYC classes is now open :

Piano programs for School age children:

Classes run for 36 weeks from September to June.

Sunbeam One :     Mondays 5.45 - 6.45 pm  ( 2 spots)
( 5, 6, 7 yrs)            Fridays   5-6pm  ( 3 spots)

Sunshine Two : Saturdays 10 am ( 2 spots )

Sunbeam Two : Thursday 6 pm ( 1 spot )

                               Wednesday 5 pm ( 1 spot )


Private Lessons         Saturday 11.30am
                                           Tuesdays : 9am    

                                           Wednesday: 9am

                                           Thursday 9am
                                                     For other times, please contact me

To book a studio visit or for more information/ to register, please call me at 519-893-1180 or email me

I also offer lessons during school hours.Withdrawing children from school for music class provides a viable option to simplify childcare issues that may otherwise arise after school hours or simply to free up valuable family time in the evening. Ontario parents are allowed by law to withdraw their children from school to attend a weekly music lesson.  Part II, section 21.(2).(e) of this link states:"A child is excused from attendance at school... for the purpose of receiving instruction in music and the period of absence does not exceed one-half day in any week"Education Act, R.S.O. 1990, Chapter E.2, Part II, Section 21.(2), (e)

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STUDIO NEWS : Kiwanis 2016 results :

Congratulations to all the 20 + students that took part in the festival this year. Once again, great results from everyone .

First places - 13 Second places - 7, Third places - 1

 Please visit my FB page for the detailed results !

 Spring /Summer 2015 Exam Results:

Congratulations to all the students that wrote their Basic Rudiments exam this Spring and Summer. Special shout-out to Karthik - 95 %, Vishnu - 94 % , Cara with 92 %, Kelsey with 91 %


Congratulations to Karthik , Maya, Maddie for securing 91% in their Grade 1 piano exam and to Cara for 90%.


Congratulations to the following students :

Zerina - 98% Basic Rudiment,

Shaelie - 95% Intermediate Rudiments,

Aidan- 94% -Basic Rudiments

Isabel - 90% Grade One Piano



Congratulations to my student Lauren who secured 95% in her Gr 4 Piano RCM  exam this August ! What a great report card she obtained ! CONGRATULATIONS  Lauren ! That was a summer well spent !


Congratulations to all the kids who participated in the Kiwanis Music Festival this week. A special SHOUT-OUT to Lauren who won a scholarship at the festival this year for her excellent performance with two 1st places and two 2nd places!

Results are all in. Here they are :

 36 entries :

 1st places    - 12

  2nd places  - 13

  3rd places   - 11

Check my facebook page for details !

Well done everyone!


Congratulations to all students that took the RCM piano exams this spring 2014.

All students secured First class honours and the highest mark went to

Nicolas with 93%

followed by Joshua 91%

and Sebastian 90%! 

In the Basic Rudiments exam, the highest mark went to:

Robert with 93% followed by

Sebastian 91%!


Testimonials :

Jen and Maddie( 7 yrs).

Fiona puts her heart into every lesson and goes way above and beyond what´s expected. She keeps parents/kids motivated with fun events like Beach Day, and she offers interesting workshops highlighting the cognitive effects of learning music and the best ways to practise. Fiona´s fun sense of humour is contagious and there are always lots of giggles in her lessons. Her teaching style is very adaptive and she quickly responds to the learning styles of eachstudent.We´re so lucky to have Fiona as our MYC instructor, we highly recommend her!

Bridget A.

Fiona is a dynamic teacherwho combines hands on learning with practical music theory in a fun andengaging way! I am so pleased with my daughter's progress after just 2years and I have been enjoying learning music along with her. I havealso seen an improvement in my daughter's math skills by learning rhythmand patterns. Each week we look forward to this special outing, a wonderful way to spend some quality time together...

.Heather A(8 yrs)

Learning music is really fun with Fiona! I love the special theme days and practice rewards, and getting a chance to spend some special time with my Mom.

Gorgi T.

One thing about Ms. Fiona that I’d like to emphasize, apart from being knowledgeable and experienced piano teacher is her ability to instill ove for the music in the children and motivate them in a fun way to work hard to elevate their piano skills. She has transformed my daughter from a shy little girl to confident and competitive young lady who is willing to work hard and compete to show off her skills.

Brenda J.

She encourages the children and gives them confidence in their playing ability. Fiona has rightfully earned the respect of both children and parents in the MYC program

.Breanna R. (7 yrs)

Fiona is an awesome teacher and her classes are FUN!.....

Michelle O.

My daughter is now way past MYC but I attribute her love of piano to her time spent learning music with Fiona in the MYC program. I highly recommend Fiona and the MYC program to all who are looking for a good music program for their kids !

Catelina S

Ever since my daughter started MYC , I noticed a huge jump in her Math scores in school. I strongly believe that music enhanced her learning and her 3 years with Fiona in the MYC program helped her immensely in her music and her

academic life as well. Thank you Fiona.............................


STUDIO NEWS : 2013-2014.

Congratulationsto all students on a hugely successful Christmas recital 2013! Theduets and trios were definitely a crowd pleaser. Here is the link to the audience'sfavourite trio:


Here are my students MB3 and Gr 3 who performed in the KW-ORMTA Canada Music Week event held at WLU on Nov 16th.

KW-ORMTA Canada Music Week: Congratulations to all 8 students who participated in the Masterclass on November 16th at WLU. It was a great experience for all !

RCM EXAMS :Congratulations to all the students who took the RCM spring piano exams and did very well ! Big Shout-Out to Mackenzie(MB3) for obtaining 94% and Zerina 91% in her Grade 1 exam and to Sierra and Aidan (MB3)for 91% in their Basic Rudiments Theory exams! Well done kids !

END-OF-YEAR-PARTY: We celebrated our end of a wonderful year of music with a pool party! The weather cooperated to help make it an enjoyable and fun afternoon for everyone!. Good food, good company and good memories!

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OTHER STUDIO NEWS : This summer (2013 )I attended the CFMTA conference in Halifax. It was a beautiful city to host the conference and I enjoyed networking with Canadian teachers from across the country. The workshops /sessions were good and I am looking forward to trying out some of the ideas with my students this year !! During March break I had the opportunity to attend the MTNA convention in Anaheim and enjoyed the opportunity to meet different teachers from various parts of the States and Canada and the world! It was a great time- we were fortunate enough to have great weather too and the workshops and topics were very good. I had the opportunity to meet a few composers like Christopher Norton and a

special friend too ....

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                                         ABOUT THE TEACHER

Fiona obtained her Licentiate in Piano ( Performers) through the Trinity College of Music London in 1993 and has been teaching music ever since. She is currently a Registered Music Teacher affiliated with the KW-branch of the Ontario Registered Music Teachers Association( ORMTA) and a member of the MTNA ( Music Teachers National Association.)
She has taught privately in a school and has been very active in her church, training young kids to play keyboard at Mass. In Kitchener she worked for two years at the Grand River School of Music , teaching the Technics music curriculum and has been teaching the MYC program since 2005.
For the last 10 years, Fiona has enjoyed working with parents and children in the MYC program. She received her 300 student pin from MYC in 2015. She is amazed at how quickly young children grasp musical concepts presented very creatively through the MYC program and are able to play so well.She also enjoys seeing the bonding between parents and children in her class and loves to see the adults encouraging the little ones in every class. She feels fortunate to have such a great set of parents and kids every year!. Having won a few piano awards during her student years, she works hard with her students towards festivals and exams. She is very impressed with how MYC students do extremely well in  the Kiwanis Music Festival and exams every year. Composition has always been one of her strong points and she has had a finalist or a winner each year in the annual MYC International Composition Festival.She also teaches privately and again is amazed at how fast her MYC graduates  go through the various piano levels after Grade One. Their strong training and the foundation laid in the MYC program helps them accelerate through the various Conservatory levels later on.Fiona really enjoys her job and hopes to pass on her love of music and her sense of dedication to her students