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MYC Music for Young Children

Wendy Guimont

Cranbrook, British Columbia


Hi! I'm Wendy Guimont.   Thanks for visiting my website!

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If you are looking for music lessons for your children in Cranbrook, BC the Music for Young Children small group classes provide so much more than a piano lesson!  I first started teaching this program in 1986, when I chose MYC for my own daughters.  The goal of "Creating the Happy Habit of Learning Music" appealed to me at that time and I put it to the test.  Now, almost 30 years later I am more thoroughly convinced than ever after seeing so many benefits in the lives of these children as they have grown into adults.

Why Study Music at a such a young age?  More and more research is showing the many benefits of introducing the study of music to young children. Skills are developed not only to get the most out of the instrument but also to get the most out of life. In addition to the pleasure of creating and appreciating beautiful sound, learning to play an instrument helps to develop motor skills and good memory. It teaches children self-discipline, concentration and cooperation. It helps them with abstract thinking and builds their confidence. They learn to think independently and learn how to organize their time to meet deadlines. After 34 years of teaching in Cranbrook, my greatest joy is in knowing that by sharing the gift of learning music, I am also contributing to success in life. That’s what is really important.

My Qualifications:  I have a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance and an Associateship from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Teaching. I have also completed the Piano Pedagogy Program at the Victoria Conservatory of Music and am a certified MYC teacher. I hold the position of co-ordinator of Music for Young Children in BC and the Western United States and have trained and supported many teachers over the years. I received the "MYC Cornerstone" award in July 2008 for my contributions to the curriculum and to the program in general, over the years. I have taught music for 50 years and continue to enjoy teaching MYC classes and private lessons in my "Studio 88".  I also enjoy traveling throughout my coordinator area to help new teachers develop their studios, to support existing teachers in their MYC business, and to assist in maintaining the high quality of the Music for Young Children program.

from previous MYC student Michelle Callen:
Right Now: Student at Concordia University for Fine Arts studying Art History and Film

Where Music Has Lead Me: I learned to play the Didgeridoo on a beach in Australia, Played Guitar in a cabin way up in the Rockie Mountains, Played Native Drums in the Arctic, Sang songs in an Underground Bar in Montreal, Played Bongos for a band in London England, and Danced for a man playing an accordion in Paris.

Music: Music is an ENORMOUS part of my life. Since learning to play the piano with Wendy :D, I have learned the saxophone, the guitar, and am now getting alot of interest from bands to SING and for my song writing abilities! if you can believe it!

Through the years, music has always been something that I has helped me to express myself, and it was also an expression for me. Sometimes music can say the things that we cant find the words for.
Music is a something that will always be a comfort for me, and a place where you can never feel alone. It is a wonderful and amazing way to reach out and touch others and I have yet to find something as endless, as changing, or as constant as music.

Thank you so very much Wendy for all of your teaching and for all of the amazing memories from MYC. You are always a topic of fond discussion whenever any of us MYC kids meet up over the years. You've changed many lives and impacted many hearts. 🙂

Levels Taught

  • Sunrise
  • Sunshine 1
  • Sunshine 2
  • Sunbeams 1
  • Sunbeams 2
  • Sunbeams 3
  • Moonbeams 1
  • Moonbeams 2
  • Moonbeams 3

Rates and Prices

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Studio Address and Contact

4350 13 TH STREET S., Cranbrook

Office: 250-489-1746 or cell: 250-417-9897

My music studio features:

A happy, child friendly learning environment

Pianos and keyboards for 6 children

Professional accompaniments

Parent tips for help at home

Recording equipment

Teaching tools to accommodate a variety of learning styles

Colourful visual aids and games

Rhythm instruments

Ipad apps and games

Stickers and practice incentives



"You mentioned last night that I did not know music before which made me realize not only how much I have learned from you , but also how much I have loved learning music. It was a dream of mine that one day I could play piano and although I can only play as well as a six year old it is something that I can keep building on so thank you very much!!! Not to mention how nice it is to have his music filling our home. Even his little brother jumps on the couch with his blanket and book and listens. See you next week"

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