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MYC Music for Young Children

Tammy Brown


HI I am Tammy Brown!

Welcome to my Music for Young Children website! I hope you find all the information you need for your son or daughters musical education.

If you are interested in the Facebook offer of $20 off the Registration fee, please email musicclass@telus.net in order for me to send you the forms. Please remember this offer is only valid until August 15th.

I have had the privilege of teaching children of all ages the joy of music for many years starting over 33 years ago in Kamloops B.C.

Because of my strength's in composing, improvisation, contemporary and Jazz music at the age of 14 I received my teaching certification with the Yamaha Music education foundation in 1984. I moved to Abbotsford in 1988 and in 1989 I took the Yamaha candidate evaluation exam and passed with it's  equivalent  being Royal Conservatory of Music Grade 10.

I continued to teach group and private lessons  with the Yamaha music school until we merged with Central Valley Academy of Music in 1996 where I taught briefly until I decided that teaching on my own with two small children was the best choice for my family. When at home I taught various private methods including 'Alfred's', ' Bastien' and 'Faber and Faber'.

In 2001 I went back to teaching group music classes and obtained my TMA teaching certificate and taught at the Sound of Music until 2005 when I was first introduced to the Music for Young Children program.

Music for Young Children completely blew my mind because of it's innovative approach to teaching children. To that point I had never seen and still have not seen another teaching system that can compare to it. It is truly ONE of a kind and is the BEST way to teach children music whether your child has a brilliant 'ear' for music or has a learning disability.

It is such a blessing to teach the Music for young children program as it inspires children AND parents to learn and grow in their musicianship. I invite all who value family, music and education to investigate the Music for young children program to it's full extent. I believe once you've done this you will agree with me that the Music for young children program is the BEST music education program available nation wide.

In 2009 I obtained my full MYC certification and had taught all the levels required to be fully MYCC.

Along with the Music for young Children program I also teach the SUNRISE pre-school  music program which is a non-keyboard based program which compliments the Music for young children piano program very well. I also am the Abbotsford Director and instructor of  Music pups early childhood music and movement program. Music pups is a GREAT first start to music as it's goal is to help children attain basic music competence. I also enjoy continuing my teaching journey with private lessons for children who have graduated from the Music for young children program or with those who are no longer beginners but wish to advance their playing abilities in the area of improvisation, composing, jazz or with a band.


I believe that everyone is given a measure of talent at birth and it doesn't matter whether that portion is a large one or small. What matters is how that portion is used. For this reason it is my goal that every child I teach, regardless of their age:

Has fun while learning music!
Fulfills his or her potential!
Gains a good self image through positive
Learns to enjoy rising to a challenge!
Understands they are loved and accepted
regardless of their performance!



Music has always been one of my biggest passions whether it be performing it  creating it, or passing it along to someone else. Along with teaching I keep very active with playing and singing in bands, leading worship at my church and songwriting. My family is also extremely important in my life. I've been married to my husband for 25 years and my 2 children are almost all grown up now.


"I would highly recommend anyone with children to
sign-up for MYC with Tammy. As a trained musician myself, I am amazed by how much our sons have learned in the first two years of the program. Our boys are both very active, yet Tammy has the patience to deal with them and help them
succeed. We are excited to see what year three will bring in terms of their ongoing development". (Leonard Klassen)

"My three kids have been learning piano with Tammy Brown for six years now.  Tammy is very good with kids, she makes her piano lessons very enjoyable and kids have fun learning.  She has helped me and my kids a lot and guided us in the right direction.  Before coming to Tammy, my daughters took private lessons for three years with another teacher, but didn't learn much. They did not understand the theory and didn't want to continue with piano. But when we came to Tammy, not only my kids but I have learned enough piano to help them at home.  Both of my daughters are doing piano exams
and my son will be taking private lessons next year.  We are very happy and I thank Tammy for helping us for all these years. " (Manju Sharma)

"My children and I loved going to Tammy's music classes. Tammy is the ideal teacher-thoughtful, warm, knowledgeable, and has a real heart for children, and for music." (Angela Wiebe)
"The music pups class has been instrumental in teaching my children to be more appreciative of music. It has enhanced their cognitive development in a way that they are able to improve their memory, their reading and comprehension skills as well as their social studies skills. My children always looked forward to going to music pups class because it really brought out their creativity and artistic nature which often times gets pushed aside in lieu of the more analytical science and math teachings that our school system emphasizes nowadays. Of course all this was made possible through the great teachings of Mrs. Tammy Brown. She was able to bring out the best in my 5 and 3 year old children. I would highly recommend her class for all children in their early developmental years."   (Cristina Merluza Coloma)

"Tammy is one of the most patient teachers I have ever
met. She is very knowledgeable in music and she is very thorough. Music for young children accommodates children with various learning styles and makes it Fun!" (Jackie King)
"I really love this program and recommend it to people all
the time. My kids have learned so much AND we are having fun at the same time. I just  love how I can also see the
benefits for the building of their math skills and in other areas of development as well. Just the other day my four year old was riding his bike up the street and he doesn't know his left from right yet, but when I told him to stay on his 'treble clef side' he understood right away! "(Mary-Jane Dahl)

"My husband and I have always believed in getting our
children into music early on. Being a mother of 5 children we have tried many different teaching methods and have always come back to MYC. We found that MYC really works, especially when they younger. When we had tried private lessons with other teachers, the children found it boring, but with MYC learning music is fun in a group setting with your friends. There are activities, songs, and games to hold their attention to 'trick' the into learning painlessly. We home school our children and love and music has always been part of their learning plan. This program fits marvelously into our learning. It teaches piano but also music theory which correlates with many math concepts that we study. It gives
an overall understanding of music and Tammy as a teacher is wonderful! She is very knowledgeable and caring. She is able to engage the kids at various ages and flex with what is going on in the classroom. Our family just loves her and that is why we keep coming back." (Brandie Penningroth)

"My daughter and I have enjoyed Tammy's MYC Sunbeam 1
class SO much. I am impressed everyday at how much we both have learned ( as this was a learning experience for both of us). It's exciting to teach her Dad what we have learned as well as he was always the 'musician' in the family. To see what my daughter has learned at the age of 7 is such a gift she'll have for life. She is reading music, playing piano with both hands and has absolutely exceeded my expectations. Tammy always lets each child in our group have a turn, helping them individually as well as a group. I can't thank Tammy enough!
We'll see you in September for our Sunbeam 2 class!" (Lyndsey Loewen)

"My daughter started the MYC program when she was 6 and
has been with the program for 4 years and has loved it! One of our main reasons for choosing this program was the ability to learn music in a small group. The material is simple and fun, and hits all the learning styles (vocal, visual, movement, listening skills and hands on activities). The use of games to
enhance the theory part of music is another enriching element of MYC. MYC is an amazing program that grows with the child. I highly recommend it for both boys and girls. It would have also not been the same without Tammy. Having a great
teacher teaching the program is really what makes it great. Tammy is the biggest reason we stayed with MYC! "(Joanne Patterson- home schooler)

"Tammy Brown has taught both my daughters piano. I loved the high interest group lessons with keyboard characters for the children to learn about. My older daughter began lessons in grade 5 and has learned very rapidly under Tammy's teaching. I like that the children get to compose some of their own music, and there is a solid foundation in piano chords and theory. My daughter has learned a lot more in 2 years than I had expected and is still enjoying her learning". Thanks Tammy! (Lori Harris)
"My children have learned more than I could have imagined in 1 year of piano lessons. Tammy has incorporated fun with learning which has kept their interest and desire to practice during the week. I love that Tammy has provided background music for the kids to play along with during their recitals". (Barb Ratzlaff)
"Tammy Brown is an amazing music teacher. Together with her enthusiasm, patience and spirit of fun and MYC's multi-sensory approach, anyone can learn to play the keyboard and enjoy it". ( Allana Lemke has been learning music as a MYC parent alongside her two songs ages 6 and 8)

Levels Taught

  • Sunrise
  • Sunshine 1
  • Sunshine 2
  • Sunbeams 1
  • Sunbeams 2
  • Sunbeams 3
  • Moonbeams 1
  • Moonbeams 2
  • Moonbeams 3

Rates and Prices

All MYC group classes are $18.00 per hour.
Monday classes have 34 classes per year
Tuesday-Thursday classes have 37 classes per year

When registering for a program the MYC registration fee must be paid and tuition may be paid either

in full by cash or cheque or e-transfer
in half dated September 1st and January 1st by cash, cheque or e-transfer
10 equal payments by cheques dated September 1st thru to June 1st

Other (Policies, descriptions)

When registering for MYC classes all students must also read/sign the Lesson Agreement form for the current year to be fully registered. A Lesson Agreement form will be emailed upon request.

Studio Address and Contact

(604) 302-5437

My Music Studio Features:

* 4 keyboards/pianos
* Assorted rhythm instruments
* Musical Games!
* Practice incentives (stickers, gift certificates etc)
* Colourful visual aids including floor keyboard and staff
* Background tracks to in class songs
* 1 Roland CD 2 for use as background track at recitals AND to record YOUR own CD

GROUP CLASS sizes: up to  5 children and 5 parents.

SUNRISE: Max. size is 6 children .

3 Recitals per year: Christmas, Composing and Year End

1 Carnival Class at the end of the year

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