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MYC Music for Young Children

Michelle Miller

Edmonton, Alberta


Hello, my name is Michelle Miller and I am a Pianist and Teacher residing in North Edmonton, Alberta, where I run an independent teaching studio.
I LOVE teaching piano lessons and music classes and have been doing so since since 1993 when I started my first year of university. Teaching music is one of the most
rewarding things I have ever done (other than parenting, of course!) and I plan
to continue teaching (and learning) for the rest of my life! My music studio
offers both MYC classes and private piano lessons that are comprehensive, engaging and
incredibly fun with the goal of creating lifelong musicians.

For more information about me and my studio events, check out my blog or facebook page:


I look forward to welcoming you to my studio!

Michelle Miller, BA MYCC RMT UMTC

Levels Taught

  • Sunrise
  • Sunshine 1
  • Sunshine 2
  • Sunbeams 1
  • Sunbeams 2
  • Sunbeams 3
  • Moonbeams 1
  • Moonbeams 3
  • My Choice
  • Music Your Best Choice

Rates and Prices

Sunrise music classes (a great spring board to the piano classes, wonderful for 2-4 year olds): $175 per 10 week block of weekly 45 minute classes (fees include 10 lessons, book, CD, instrument and finger puppet and music bag). $175 includes $35 non-refundable deposit for books/materials fee

Sunshine, Sunbeams and Moonbeams small group piano classes: $800 per year for 34 weekly 55 minute small group lessons running September thru June.

Private Piano Lessons start at $950 per year for 34 weekly 30 minute lessons, $1375 per year for 45 minute weekly lessons and $1900 per year for hour long weekly lessons mid-September thru mid-June.

Tuition includes 34 lessons per year (5 of which may be substituted by 60 minute fun-filled, theme-based masterclasses, mini-recitals or rhythm and ensemble OR music history classes) plus 2 recitals. Tuition is payable in 1, 2, 10 or 12 equal installments at the beginning of the year.

BASIC, INTERMEDIATE, ADVANCED Rudiments Theory classes: $275-400 per term depending on level and length of class

Registration, Books & Materials Costs:

Sunrise: $35 included in block fee of $175 includes backpack, book, finger puppet, rhythm instrument and CD (for 3 and 4 years old, a great spring board for Sunshine 1 or Sunbeams 1)

Sunshine 1: $215 total for MYC registration, books, bag, tinsheet, castanet(for ages 4 and 5 year old beginners)

Sunbeams 1: $215 total for MYC registration, books, bag tinsheet, castanet(for 6 and 7 year old beginners)

Sunbeams 2: Books/materials/registration fee: $195 incl GST and photocopy/handout fee (must have completed Sunbeams 1)

Sunbeams 3: Books/materials/registration fee: $215(must have completed Sunbeams 2 or Moonbeams 1)

Moonbeams 1: $215 books materials, registration fee, tinsheet, castanet (for ages 8 and up) MyChoice for grades 4-6

Moonbeams 2: (see Sunbeams 3 )

Moonbeams 3: Books/materials/registration fee: $225 including GST and photocopy fees

Private Lessons: approx $100-150 per year for registration, books and materials

These registration fees may be paid by cash, cheque or email money transfer. Cheques are the preferred option. Cheques MUST be made payable to: Michelle Miller. Thank You.

Other (Policies, descriptions)

Online registration is NOT available at this time, please consult the schedule below and contact me directly to register: mmmusicstudio@hotmail.com  or call 780-298-8674. Thank you!  Classes begin the week of  September 12, 2016.


MONDAYS 4:30 SunBeams 2 Piano Class (FULL)
TUESDAYS 4:30 SunBeams 1 Piano Class (FULL), 6:00 MoonBeams 3 Piano Class (FULL)

WEDNESDAYS 5:00 SunBeams 3 Piano Class (FULL)
THURSDAYS 12:45 SunShine 1 Piano Class (2 spots available)



Studio Address and Contact

Clareview Road, Edmonton


My music studio features:
My Northeast Edmonton music studio is bright and spacious with a beautiful Hailun  grand piano, one Roland electric piano, 5 Yamaha keyboards, fun visual teaching aids and lots of  games to reinforce concepts.

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