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MYC Music for Young Children

Fiona Mendes

Kitchener, Ontario


HELLO ! I am an RCM Teacher Specialist , Registered Music Teacher ( KW ORMTA ) and MYC certified teacher offering Piano/Keyboard based music lessons in Kitchener in the Waterloo Region.

Fiona Mendes, B.S.C, LTCL, MYCC, RMT

My MYC classes are built around a clever merging of study and play that help develop creativity, expressiveness, memory, and cognitive development. Here is what students enjoy in my studio :

Creative Fun Learning :I use special theme days, workshops, games, technology, visual aids to aid in the learning process and make it fun! Some popular studio events are :Theme days (Beach day, Hawaiian Day, Sports day etc) fun practice incentives, Piano parties, theory classes, group learning, pool party and studio recitals.

Exams : Students have the option to take RCM exams in my studio. My MYC and private students do very well in RCM exams. This year all of my MB3 students secured over 85% in their Grade One RCM exam the highest mark 91%. Four of my students received 90 % and above. The highest mark in Basic Rudiments was 95% with 4 students receiving over 90%. Last year, the highest mark in Piano last year was 95% for Gr 4 Piano RCM !

Masterclasses/Workshops/Recitals : Since I am a member of ORMTA, my students also have the opportunity to participate in various ORMTA recitals, masterclasses and workshops. Thus building their confidence in performing as well as performance skills.

Kiwanis Music Festival :Many students compete and do well in the Kiwanis music festival each year. This year ( 2015 ) was a successful one with over 30 students competing and winning several of them securing 90% and over. Four of my students won a scholarship at the Kiwanis festival this year. Here they are celebrating their success at our annual recital !

Come and join my studio nearly 500 kids have learned to play piano in a fun, creative and enjoyable way. For a glimpse into my studio, please visit my facebook page. For information on how to register or to book a studio visit, please email me at

fionasmusicstudio@gmail.com or call me at 519-893-1180.

For a more comprehensive look into my studio, please visit my personal website at www.fionasmusicstudio.ca

Levels Taught

  • Sunrise
  • Sunshine II
  • Sunbeams I
  • Sunbeams II
  • Sunbeams III
  • Moonbeams III
  • Music Your Best Choice

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Studio Address and Contact

34 Anson Court, Kitchener

(519) 893-1180


Features of My music studio

My home studio is a bright, sunny, very spacious room in the
fully carpeted basement of my house.It is colourfully decorated with musical
motifs and is  well equipped with a pianoand 5 keyboards( 1 with MIDI disk ) .
There is a washroom conveniently located nearby.

3 Pianos and 3 keyboards

Tons of Thematic GAMES
Special theme days for fun filled reviews
Floor keyboard and Floor staff
MIDI for accompaniment
Magnetic staff board for classroom teaching
Visual aids for classroom teaching
Variety of rhythm instruments for little hands
Lots of exciting props for all classes

Studio Location: South West Kitchener


Fiona Mendes

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