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MYC Music for Young Children

Fiona Mendes

Kitchener, Ontario


HELLO ! I have my Licentiate in Performers Piano from the Trinity College of Music London and am an RCM Teacher Specialist , Registered Music Teacher ( KW ORMTA ) and MYC certified teacher offering Piano/Keyboard based music lessons in Kitchener in the Waterloo Region.

My MYC classes are built around a clever merging of study and play that help develop creativity, expressiveness, memory, and cognitive development. Here is what students enjoy in my studio :

Creative Fun Learning :I use special theme days, workshops, games, technology, visual aids to aid in the learning process and make it fun! Some popular studio events are :Theme days (Beach day, Hawaiian Day, Sports day etc) fun practice incentives, Piano parties, theory classes, group learning, pool party and studio recitals.

Exams : Students have the option to take RCM exams in my studio. My MYC and private students do very well in RCM exams. This year all of my MB3 students secured over 85% in their Grade One RCM exam the highest mark 91%. Four of my students received 90 % and above. The highest mark in Basic Rudiments was 95% with 4 students receiving over 90%. Last year, the highest mark in Piano last year was 95% for Gr 4 Piano RCM !

Masterclasses/Workshops/Recitals : Since I am a member of ORMTA, my students also have the opportunity to participate in various ORMTA recitals, masterclasses and workshops. Thus building their confidence in performing as well as performance skills.

Kiwanis Music Festival :Many students compete and do well in the Kiwanis music festival each year. This year ( 2016 ) was a successful one with over 30 students competing and winning several of them securing 90% and over. Four of my students won a scholarship at the Kiwanis festival last year.

Come and join my studio nearly 500 kids have learned to play piano in a fun, creative and enjoyable way. For a glimpse into my studio, please visit my facebook page. For information on how to register or to book a studio visit, please email me at

fionasmusicstudio@gmail.com or call me at 519-893-1180.

For a more comprehensive look into my studio, please visit my personal website at www.fionasmusicstudio.ca

Levels Taught

  • Sunrise
  • Sunshine 1
  • Sunshine 2
  • Sunbeams 1
  • Sunbeams 2
  • Sunbeams 3
  • Moonbeams 3
  • Music Your Best Choice

Rates and Prices


I am now registering students for brand new beginner classes beginning January 2017

Sunrise Level One : Mondays 2-2.45pm ( only 1 spot left)

(2.5- 4 yrs)                      Thursday 10-10.45am


Sunbeams One 🙁 Beginner Piano 5, 6, 7 yrs)

Wednesday 10am - 11am ( 1 spot left )



Other (Policies, descriptions)

What Parents are saying :


"Fiona Mendes will bring out the best in your child"
Fiona Mendes has provided my son and daughter a very strong foundation in music. She has instilled in them a sense of appreciation, motivation, and the knowledge of piano playing and performance. Fiona's piano lessons are engaging and fun, and as a parent, I am very pleased to see the thorough understanding of music concepts that my children have gained from taking her Music for Young Children program. Simply put, Fiona Mendes will bring
out the best in your child." Lisa D.
" Fiona’s classes are fun and engaging for both parent and child "
Our son Miles has been studying with Fiona in the Music for Young Children program for 2 years now. With Fiona’s encouragement and guidance we have seen steady growth in Miles’ attention span and enthusiasm for the study of piano. Our nightly practices have become a family staple, and every moment spent practicing feels like quality time. Fiona’s classes are fun and engaging for both parent and child, and her creative teaching methods even inspire us to make up our own fun music games at home. I can’t say enough positive thngs about Fiona or this program. It has been truly amazing to watch our son grow and learn! Tasha G.

She takes time to learn about their individual strengths and challenges.

Fiona has been a wonderful teacher to both of my children who are very different. She takes time to learn about their individual strengths and challenges. She gives them encouragement and praise when they have worked hard and done their best. She has great incentives to help them work harder and is honest with them when they can do better and helps them to improve. Her special attention to motivate students has kept my children engaged and has allowed them to feel very proud when they master a new skill. Thank you Fiona for making piano so fun! Jenn C.

Fiona puts her heart into every lesson and goes way above and beyond what´s expected
Fiona puts her heart into every lesson and goes way above and beyond what´s expected. She keeps parents/kids motivated with fun events like Beach Day, and she offers interesting workshops highlighting the cognitive effects of learning music and the best ways to practise. Fiona´s fun sense of humour is contagious and there are always lots of giggles in her lessons. Her teaching style is very adaptive and she quickly responds to the learning styles of each student. We´re so lucky to have Fiona as our MYC instructor, we highly recommend her! Jen and Maddie( 7 yrs).

Fiona is a dynamic teacher
Fiona is a dynamic teacher who combines hands on learning with practical music theory in a fun and engaging way! I am so pleased with my daughter's progress after just 2 years and I have been enjoying learning music along with her. I have also seen an improvement in my daughter's math skills by learning rhythm and patterns. Each week we look forward to this special outing, a wonderful way to spend some quality time together. Bridget A

She has transformed my daughter from a shy little girl to confident and competitive young lady
One thing about Ms. Fiona that I’d like to emphasize, apart from being knowledgeable and experienced piano teacher is her ability to instill love for the music in the children and motivate them in a fun way to work hard to elevate their piano skills. She has transformed my daughter from a shy little girl to confident and competitive young lady who is willing to work hard and compete to show off her skills. Gorgi T.

She encourages the children and gives them confidence in their playing ability
She encourages the children and gives them confidence in their playing ability. Fiona has rightfully earned the respect of both children and parents in the MYC program .Brenda J.



What Kids Are Saying

Since I began learning with Fiona I learnt to express my feelings through piano. It is a time for me to relax and play with my heart. Piano is my life - Nicolas

Fiona challenges me to practice hard and I learnt how well I can play once I practice ! I also discovered the musical side of me 🙂 - Kelsey

I've been playing for a very long time and I like how Fiona teaches me to take the music and make it my own - Nadica

I like the practice incentives Fiona runs where I get to play for my family and friends - Nicole

Fiona shows me how to play the piece well and I love the sense of accomplishment I get once I master a piece . - Maddie

I love learning music with Fiona because it's fun and Fiona plays games with us. ~Miles

I enjoy playing songs I like, and have lots of fun in Fiona's group lessons. ~ Josh

I enjoy piano lessons because I get to play pieces that are really cool, especially the quartets Fiona lets us play! I also enjoy playing piano boardgames in class. ~ Maddie.H

I really like my teacher Fiona because she teaches me fun songs and I love playing the games - Sienna

Fiona worked really hard with me for my exam and although I did not enjoy all the hard work, I was very happy with my result of 95 % - Lauren

I enjoy playing duets and trios and ensembles with all the other kids in Fiona's classes - Sean

She teaches me songs I like to learn so its more fun and it makes me happy - Aiden



Studio Address and Contact

Anson Court, Kitchener

(519) 893-1180.


Features of My music studio

My home studio is a bright, sunny, very spacious room in the
fully carpeted basement of my house.It is colourfully decorated with musical
motifs and is  well equipped with 3 pianos and 3 keyboards  ( 1 with MIDI disk ) .
There is a washroom conveniently located nearby.

3 Pianos and 3 keyboards

Tons of Thematic GAMES
Special theme days for fun filled reviews
Floor keyboard and Floor staff
MIDI for accompaniment
Magnetic staff board for classroom teaching
Visual aids for classroom teaching
Variety of rhythm instruments for little hands
Lots of exciting props for all classes

Studio Location: South West Kitchener


For more information visit my website at





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