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MYC Music for Young Children

Cindy Sletmoen


Hi! I'm Cindy Sletmoen!
Welcome to my website! To visit me here again, please remember my URL: http://www.myc.com/teacher/CSletmoen and enter it in the Address field of your browser next time. If you forget, you can also find me using the "Search for a Teacher" tool under Teaching Locations.

 I enjoy teaching the Music for Young Children program because it makes learning fun for the student, the parent and the teacher. We sing, play rhythm instruments, play games, learn to read music, learn about composers and how to compose our own music too! All students will have the opportunity to take part in a music recital during the year. Parental involvement is a very positive part of MYC classes. The parent gets to learn along side the student, and be there to support them in a class situation and at home for practice sessions.
My qualifications include completion of Grade Ten Royal Conservatory of Music of Toronto (Piano),and the three-year MYC teacher-training to become a certified Music for Young Children Teacher. I have taught the MYC program since 2003.
MYC teachers are required to attend 3 seminars/conferences/meetings per year so we stay up-to-date on the curriculum and can learn new ways to keep our classes current, educational, and fun!

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