About Olivia Riddell

Olivia Riddell BA, MYCC, RMT, is the President and International Director of Music for Young Children. Olivia began her music studies in Sunshine™ 1. Her private music/piano teachers have been Frances Balodis, Jiri Hlavacek in Ottawa, Ontario, and John Perry in Victoria, British Columbia. Olivia studied piano at St. Thomas University, Minnesota with Jim Callahan, with Antonin Kub­alek at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, Ontario and with Douglas Voice at Ottawa University, Ottawa, Ontario. Olivia studied voice with Judy Ritchie in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and with Vickie Iles and Charlotte Stewart in Ottawa, Ontario. She has studied flute with Cathy Rol­lins in Ottawa, Ontario. Having completed her grade X piano, her grade IX voice and her grade VIII flute and all theory required for the Associate level, Olivia has a well-rounded approach to teaching. Olivia began teaching piano privately and MYC when she was 16 years old.

MYC has won the Little Magazine Awards 2016

2016 Little Awards MYC has won the Little Magazine Awards 2016, and has earned the title of Music School of the Year! This award recognizes that MYC offers the best kids’ education in music. Thank you little Magazine for awarding MYC with this title and a big congratulations to Sannly Cheng, Lynn Koh, MYC Yishun […]